Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Journaling Retreat Tips: What do you do?

How is it possible to have enough to do in a journaling retreat that lasts, ideally  12-15 hours a day for 1 day, let alone anything more than that? Is something you might wonder.

It's easy, if we have lots of choices. So, what are the choices?

* Read the blog post from Monday and all of the links I have there and do them.

* Do lots of Stream of Consciousness writing--where you write for a 10-15 minute block anything that comes to mind. The key is to write fast. If you run out of anything to say, either write, "I don't know what to say," or rewrite the most powerful thing you wrote in the session. And keep repeating either, or both, until you know what to say.

* Do several journaling exercises or prompts. Look throughout this blog. Download a free copy of my book, THE JOURNALING AND STORYKEEPING ENCYCLOPEDIA OF 2013 and do anything found there. Look at the other blogs I have recommended and listed on the side of my blog, including THE JOURNALING PATH blog. Trust me between all these, you have enough material to write for a lifetime.

* Make lists. List your memories, all the people in your life, all your favorite possessions, all of the places you've lived and work, your favorites of anything, TV shows you have watched in your life, movies you have seen, books you have read... Then, do a journaling entry about any and all of them.

* Look at your photographs and journal about them.

* What photos do you not have that you wish you had? Write about them, what happened, what you experienced, and why you wish you had them.

* Go to Flickr and find photos to inspire you and write about.

* Look up inspirational quotes and journal about them.

* Journal anything your heart desires.

~ Stacy Duplease
Journalkeeper & Memoir Writer

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